Hello Lovely People

Trying to think of a trendy way to start this, especially as pressure is on as I’m opening! Having now wasted 45 minutes in the process, I’ll play it safe with Hi Everyone 🙂 .
So, this is the part where I am probably supposed to tell you about my hellish experiences with mental health. Well, I’m going to kick things off with some food for thought first. Did you know none of the song lyrics in Alanis Morrissette’s song ‘Ironic’ are examples of irony. Allegedly, she said the irony of ‘Ironic’ is that it’s not an ironic song at all. Which begs the question will this page be an area, where people just offload about their mental health experiences? sometimes…yes! But not all mental health pages need to be filled with negativity, #NotOkisOk is about normalising mental health, rather than keeping it on its almighty negative pedestal. So, I will get around to telling my story one day, but let’s have some fun along the way!

Speaking of fun, it was someone’s great idea to organise an 8 hour spinathon this weekend. This will be the first official fundraising event for #NotOkisOK,. Shaun and his team at Studio 20 Gym in Ilfracombe will kindly be supporting this by hosting and leading the spin classes from 08.00-16.00pm. Spin classes, raffles, charity grand national sweepstake, and some stalls for kids and adults to have a mooch outside on the day, what more could you ask for!

Should be a great day.
Paddy 🙂


  1. K on May 10, 2019 at 8:12 am

    I wish you all the very best with your efforts and speaking as someone with a diagnosed condition, with some very low crisis moments in the past, I can speak from experience of the power that talking can have.

    Being honest with my previous employer (NHS) about my condition led to victimisation and general lack of support. My current employer though is fantastic, it is like night and day.

    So, from a workplace perspective, having genuine support and understanding from your employer and colleagues makes a huge difference. It goes without saying that family support is also vital, and my family and “true” friends are very supportive.

    • Patrick Weathers on May 10, 2019 at 1:57 pm

      Thanks for the support, hope all is well with you and yes couldn’t agree more, support from work colleagues, family and friends makes a massive difference!

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